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New Roof

Tiling & Slates

New Roof

Tiling & Slates

Tiled and slated roofs are an aesthetically pleasing roofing option which can greatly enhance the appearance of your property. They are extremely durable and can be easily repaired as individual tiles and slates can be replaced.

Give your home the roof it deserves, our team

specialises in slate and tiled roofing.

Give your home the roof it deserves, our team specialises in slate and tiled roofing.

If you are interested in installing a brand new tiled of slate roof, contact Roof Repairs. We are an experienced roofing company servicing Central London and surrounding areas. Our team of talented professionals will install a stunning tiled or slate roof at an affordable price.

Roof Planning Restrictions

If you own a building that it heritage listed or located in a conservation area, you may be restricted in regards to the type of roof you can install. Your new roof may need to use the same materials as the previous roof or look a certain way.

Fibre Cement Slates

If you are looking for an extremely durable and affordable roofing product, consider fibre cement slates. They are a fantastic alternative to slate and other types of traditional materials.

While slate tiles look great, they can be fragile and may be damaged during storms. Fibre cement slates are much tougher so can withstand much more abuse. It’s also possible to rivet down fibre cement slates which prevents wind pushing its way underneath the slate and compromising it.

Spanish Slate

Spanish Slate is a luxurious product that is slightly more expensive than Welsh Slate. It is an ornate slate with a beautiful appearance that is available in a range of colours. Other alternatives to Spanish Slate include Canadian trinity, Brazilian slate and Chinese roofing slate.

Roof Tiling

We work closely with leading tile manufacturers to clients a wide range of roofing tiles to choose from. They include clay tiles, concrete tiles, ceramic tiles, and terracotta tiles. We also offer clients a choice between dry verge/dry ridge systems and ridges/verges which use traditional mortar.

Chimney Stacks

The perfect time to remove unused chimney stacks is when you are installing a new roof. The scaffolding will already be in place and our team will be able to disassemble the chimney quickly.

If you wish to retain a chimney that is in poor condition, it may need to be repointed to retain their structural integrity. This is a more expensive task, but made easier by the presence of the scaffolding that is being used as we instal your new roof.

Roof Lights and Velux Windows

Roof lights and Velux windows are a wonderful addition to a property. They add a huge amount of natural light to indoor areas, which can transform the appearance of a room. Adding more natural light can also reduce the cost of your energy bills as you won’t need to use artificial light as often.

We can install roof lights and Velux windows to bring more light into your loft or through the loft and into another room. Installing these kinds of components is much easier when done at the same time as installing a new roof, as the equipment is already in place.

Tiling and Slating

The average lifespan of a tile or slate roof is about 70 years, however, this figure can vary greatly based on the quality of construction and materials used. If your roof is approaching this age and has started deteriorating, you may need to completely replace it.

Our specialists will perform an inspection of your roof and tell you if a new roof needs to be installed. They can also explain the types of slate and tile roofing products that are available. There are dozens of products on the market, which use different colours, textures, and shapes. We can help you find the perfect tile for your project.

Welsh Slate

We stock high-quality Welsh slate in a wide range of sizes and colours. They are beautiful tiles which can really add a distinguished appearance to any home or commercial property. Our sales team can help you choose a Welsh Slate for your next project, based on your property’s design aesthetic and your personal preferences.

Melbourne Interlocking Slate

Melbourne Interlocking Slate is an exciting new roofing product that has the appearance of natural slate at a more affordable price. It is a lightweight tile which can be fixed in place very quickly because of its interlocking design. This leads to significant cost savings as installation is much faster.


If you have decided to install a new roof, it is important to consider the appearance and functionality of the rest of your roofline. That’s because the guttering, cladding, fascias, soffits, and other components may need to be replaced or repaired.

The soffits are boards that sit beneath the fascias to fill the gap between the wall and fascia boards. If you need these replaced, it is usually a good idea to do the fascias and guttering at the same time. It will be cheaper to replace all three components now while the scaffolding is up instead of doing it a few years down the track.

If the soffits, fascias, cladding, guttering and other components are in great shape, you will not need replace them at all. Our roofing specialists will carefully examine your roof and assess the lifespan of it components.

Why choose Roof Repairs for your newly tiled, slate roof?

  • All work is completed by trained professionals with years of experience
  • We provide generous guarantees
  • Our attention to detail is second to none
  • 100% obligation-free quotes and affordable prices
  • No call out charges
  • Our workers are fully insured and we provide public liability insurance
  • A huge range of tile and slate products to choose from

With no call out charge for emergency roof repairs, contact us today and one our our team will be back in touch shortly

Need some additional help or advice? Click here to request a call back

With no call out charge for emergency roof repairs, contact us today and one our our team will be back in touch shortly

Need some additional help or advice? Click here to request a call back

Roofing Services.

Roofing Services.



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