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  Tiled Roof Guide
Your Guide to Roof Tiles

The right roof tiles will not only make your home look great, they will also keep it warm, dry and energy efficient – and even increase the value of your home.

When it comes to roof tiles, there are a variety of colours, shapes and materials available, which can make it difficult to choose the right one. Comparing the features of different types of roof tiles will help to find the right choice for your home, so look at all the factors concerned. For instance, colour should match the style of your house and surrounding properties, the weight of tiles should be suitable for the strength of the roof and they should meet your budget as well as being water and weatherproof.

Types of roofing tiles
You don’t have to choose traditional tiling for your roof. You may have a metal sheet roof installed, or use thatching, or you might even consider installing a green roof. A green, or grass, roof is a fairly recent eco-friendly option, whereby a layer of grass and plants is installed on the roof providing good waterproofing and thermal insulation. However, roof tiles are still the most common option and there are a variety of materials to choose from, the most common are concrete, clay or slate roof tiles. Composite roof tiles, made of a mix of materials are becoming popular as they are extremely durable and available in a range of colours – however they are a more expensive choice. As well as material, consider the shape of your roof tiles, the most popular shapes are:
  • Flat tiles - these tiles are fixed overlapping each other in a regular pattern.
  • Romanian tiles or single lap tiles - these tiles have a special shape that allows them to interlock. This gives more stability to the roof tiling.
  • Barrel tiles - these are half round tiles that are similar to Romanian roofing tiles but even more round.
Installing roof tiles
Installing roof tiles is a job best done by a professional roofer for safety reasons and to make sure that you get the best results. Installing roof tiles incorrectly can lead to loose tiles that may fall off or a lack of thermal insulation, both of which will be annoying and expensive for the home owner. A roofer can also help you decide on the type of roofing best suitable for your house, comparing the pros and cons of different materials and shapes. Usually flat tiles can be fitted directly, while Romanian or barrel tiles will require some additional preparation. Depending on the slope of the roof some types of roofing tiles will be more suitable than others; it is advisable to consult a roofer on that matter.

Cost of having the roof tiled
The total costs of having the roof tiled consist of the costs for roof tiles, as well as the labour costs a roofer will charge. A set of 1000 tiles will cost between £300 and £900 depending on the type of tile and on the material you choose. Clay roof tiles are around 30% more expensive than concrete roof tiles. As clay tiles will usually last around three times as long as concrete tiles they will be the better investment, while concrete, that still can last for 30-50 years, is an option where price is more important than durability. A roofer may charge you between £20 and £50 per square metre: The price depends on the amount of work necessary, including roof preparation. You should compare at least three different quotes, as actual prices may differ.

Tile roofing has a life expectancy of 50-70 years so roof repair will usually be a better choice before it hits the upper limits of this age.

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